Hang Tough – Lorelei James

Published November 2, 2016 by The Book Momster

hang-toughFive Hot Stars!!

Tobin finally gets his book! Tobin has been around for most of this series. He’s seen as the kid of the group – the Boy Scout, the good guy. He’s tired of that image and ready to use his college degree and move away from Muddy Gap and find a new life. Until one of the Mud Lilies, Miz G, begs him to move in for a few weeks and keep her son from sending her away to a retirement home. Then, her granddaughter, Jade, shows up to spy for daddy. Tobin and Jade do not hit it off, but their banter is fun to read. You can imagine what happens from there.

A really good installment to this series and we meet some characters that I hope get their own book in the future. The chemistry between Tobin and Jade is hot, but it has a nice buildup and you believe in the story and the romance. Tobin reminds me in some ways of Trevor from the Rough Rider series – especially when we meet Tobin’s family.

One thing I am really loving about some of Lorelei’s latest books is that our H/h may face tough choices and decisions, but there’s no rash breakup and quick get back together at the end. She writes conflict in a realistic way and it lends itself to the story and ending being more believable. I love her writing so much and recommend this book to anyone looking to read a good romance.

Many thanks to the author for an ARC of this book.

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