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Book Review – Protector by Diana Palmer

Published August 15, 2013 by The Book Momster

protectorRating – 2 of 5 stars

Crackers and milk!  This book is a bad episode of the Andy Griffith show.  That said, it is also quintessential Diana Palmer.  If you’ve read a lot of her books, then you know what to expect going in.  Sheriff Hayes Carson has been in many of her previous books and he finally gets his story.  He gets shot and the only person willing to take him in is Minette, the woman he has blamed for his brother’s death for years and hates.  It doesn’t take long to figure out why that is and frankly his reasons were ridiculous. 

Only in a Diana Palmer book are drug lords criminals, but decent because he offers his employees benefits.  Ugh!  Anyway, what I did like about this book is that compared to others, it was nice that Minette didn’t come off as a stupid twit like some other of her heroines.  She also has her own money and is independent and even though Hayes hates her in the beginning, he’s not overly mean to her as heroes in other books have been. 

Yet, the dialogue is not great through the book.  A lot of characters are introduced and we see a lot of old favorites, but I think it was too much.  Everything is spelled out as if the reader can’t figure anything out on our own.  Some of the characters actions were laughable too.  Hayes is a SHERIFF – yet Minette has to tell him he should report the fact his house is bugged.  He acts like he never thought of that.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Diana Palmer, then I will say it’s better than it has been.  If you’re just looking for a good romantic suspense book, this isn’t it.  And don’t read the description of the book to decide – it’s completely WRONG.  Hayes is not investigating Minette and she is not an undercover DEA agent.  Who in the world wrote that and how did it make it to the cover of the book???


Book Review – Burn by Maya Banks

Published August 15, 2013 by The Book Momster

burnRating – 3 of 5 stars

I wouldn’t have thought that the book I expected to be my most favorite of the Breathless trilogy turned out to be my least favorite.  Simply put – this book felt phoned in.  The romance plays out just like Fever.  Ash sees Josie and immediately must have her, searches for her, and then takes over control of her life.  However, in contrast to Fever, this book seemed scattered.  So many minor storylines – his family’s issue with the grandfather, Josie’s ex, his sister’s whirlwind romance, and then the whole Charles Willis thing – yet none were woven into the story enough to have any real meaning or satisfying resolution.  I even wondered why some of these plot points were even included.  The first book in the trilogy, Rush, also had several minor storylines, but they all added to the overall story and contributed to it. 

Sadly, one way this book compared to Fever was the continuing use of caveman sentences.  Apparently, Ash and Jace cannot speak in complete sentences and do not know what pronouns are.  If it were only a couple of times, that’s one thing.  It’s so prevalent that I found it distracting and I was adding the words myself as I read to make it read better.

I could go on, but I’m just so disappointed in this book.  I love Maya Banks and yes I plan to continue to read her books (I’m anxiously awaiting the next Montgomery/Armstrong book), but I expected a lot more out of this book and it wasn’t delivered.

Three Little Words ties for #1 on NYT List!

Published August 8, 2013 by The Book Momster

Woohoo!  Three Little Words debuted at #2 (even though it’s tied for #1) on the NYT Bestsellers List.  This is such awesome news, not only for Susan, but for all of us who have cheered for her this summer.  This is our last week of cheering for the summer and I want to go out strong, so here’s how you can help.  If you do any of these please leave a comment below so I can track it:

  • Buy Just One Kiss, Two of a Kind, or Three Little Words.  Here are links for Amazon and B&N.
  • If you’ve read the books, please leave a review on Amazon and/or B&N.  Susan’s goal is to have 400 reviews of Three Little Words by Sunday!
  • “Like” Susan on Facebook
  • Sign up for Susan’s mailing list

If you prefer print copies of books, there is a $1 off coupon available for Three Little Words.  Leave a comment below and I can send it to you.

It’s not hard cheering for an author whose books I love and I truly believe this summer’s Fool’s Gold books have been the best yet!

So tell me below if you’ve read any of her Fool’s Gold books yet and what you thought.  If you haven’t read any yet, have I convinced you to try one??

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