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Published June 3, 2013 by The Book Momster

This past weekend I read Jill Shalvis’ new book It Had To Be You.  It’s the 7th book in her Lucky Harbor series.  I really enjoyed it – maybe I’ll even get around to putting a review on here at some point.  However, this morning it finally dawned on me why as much as I love her Lucky Harbor books, I love Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series more.  It comes down to three simple words – THE CONSTANT EPILOGUE!

What do I mean?  I always want to know what has happened to my favorite characters once a book ends.  I love to read Nora Roberts, but when I finish her books, nine times out of ten, I’m left wishing she’d written the epilogue.  I think Sandra Brown is hit or miss with her epilogues.  In fact, I think some of her epilogues could use epilogues.  With Fool’s Gold, you always know what’s going on with your favorite characters.  I just hop over to and see what my friends are up to.  I don’t have to cross my fingers and hope they’re mentioned in passing in a future book.  Chasing Perfect was FG book 1 and yet I can still catch up with Josh and Charity (FYI – they recently had their second child).

One thing I’ve noticed about Lucky Harbor is that once a couple’s story is over, it’s over.  You may get an epilogue, but future books act as if they never existed to some extent.  They can definitely be read stand alone.  Even having Dr. Josh and Sawyer show up in It Had To Be You, anyone reading this series for the first time wouldn’t feel like they missed something.  Where’s Ty and Mallory??  What’s going on with them?? (I use them because I loved Lucky in Love).

So this sums up the Aha! moment I had today.  What about you?  Do you crave the epilogue or could you care less?  What book or author do you wish used the epilogue?


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  • Loved fools gold, also like the lucky harbor series. Just one kiss was my fave so far, and cant wait for two of a kind. I dont usually need an epilogue as long as another book is being released soon and does a little following up, but the lucky harbor series had a huge gap between books. If definitely if its the end of a series there should be one (nora always leaves ya hanging in the end, love her stories but I just want a little follow up at the end lol) luckily theres hardly a gap between the bodyguard books!

  • You are absolutely right! I LOVE epilogues so I feel that emptiness if a book doesn’t have one. Debbie Macombers series brings back characters also so she’s another favorite & Julia Quinn, well, she wrote a book on just epilogues. LOL. I really appreciate Susan’s ability to keep bringing her characters back into every book she writes for FG. Love that woman. As Nora is another favorite, I wish she did at least briefly like in her Bride Quartet series.

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